Which statement best illustrates a debatable argumentative thesis?

Which statement best illustrates a debatable argumentative thesis?

Which statement best illustrates a debatable argumentative thesis?

A debatable argumentative thesis requires that the writer begins with a topic on which different viewpoints differ. A thesis statement on the issue of pollution would not be debatable, because the word “pollution” entails negative. All studies on the subject agree that pollution is a problem, but they disagree over the scope and effects of the problem. No one can claim that pollution is a good thing in and of itself.

Position statements

If you’re writing an essay on a debatable argumentative thesis, there are several ways to structure your introduction. In an introduction, you will typically state the problem and review the inadequacies of the current solution. Then you’ll introduce the argument for a different perspective. In this example, we’ll discuss the benefits of the estate tax, which will bring in revenue.

Before you begin writing your position statement, make sure to consider the audience. There will be both supporters and detractors, so you’ll want to identify your position carefully. Moreover, your position must be strong enough to withstand opposing arguments. Position statements fall into several categories, each of which suggests a type of argumentation. Your audience will dictate which category best suits your arguments. The following are a few tips that will help you come up with a good position statement.

Limiting the scope of your argument

In a debatable argumentative thesis, the writer states that, in most cases, government regulations should not prohibit pornography. This claim is debatable because it could encroach on personal freedom. This essay will then conclude by appealing to schools to include pornography in the curriculum. In addition, the writer will include a qualifier to limit the claim’s scope. If you want someone to write your essay, Premium Thesis Help is a great option. We can write a debatable argumentative thesis for you.

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